Sawdust & Rainbows Rainbow Wee'Un & Slide - Pikler-inspired Climbing Frame



The Wee’un & Slide is a folding indoor climbing frame inspired by Emmi Pikler, complete with slide for more fun. It is perfect for your little ones to climb, but it is not limited to just climbing. It's a den, a tunnel, a seat, baby gym and more!

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Emmi Pikler was a Paediatrician in the 30/40’s. She was passionate about babies developing in the way nature intended, allowing the child to learn and master skills at their own pace. 

When you buy this item Sawdust and Rainbows will plant a tree.

The Wee’UN can be used as an aid for learning to sit, crawl, stand, cruise and climb! 

After being used as a sensory tunnel for newborns it can be used to provide a secure anchor for young toddlers finding their feet and who are in need of a little extra support to cruise and bum shuffling along.

Its uses continue to grow with your little one as they progress to climbing, one rung at a time until they gain the confidence and physical awareness to get to the top!

The single rung top is perfect giving children a central point to balance on, while they get their legs and bodies over.
If you think of climbing a gate or a wall and even a very similar structure, a fence stye, you would always place your hands in the centre, so to not bring your weight to far forward and become unbalanced.

Getting over the top whether it is the first time or the 100th time, it always gives children such a boost of confidence.

Easily folded for storage, when open the frame is designed to be self supporting but simply remove the knobs fold the frame and re-insert the knobs to lock closed. Locked closed means it can be stored anywhere, including our favourite, hung on the wall.

With lots of accessories and compilatory products from the Sawdust & Rainbows range, the play is truly open ended!

• Handmade by a husband and wife team in rural Northern Ireland


• Easy foldable for storage

• Can be used outside but not left outside in wet weather

• Can be used from birth to 50kg (that's your average 14-15 year old!)

• CE, ASTM, SOR and ISOTested

• Made from FSC engineered birch plywood and engineered FSC redwood dowels.

• Open 91cm x 77cm x 62cm high

• Closed 17cm x 77cm x 77cm high

• Requires assembling 

• Sawdust & Rainbows make their own colours so sometimes they do vary batch to batch


Tested to EN71-1,2,3&8 standards

It is made from FSC engineered birch plywood.

Dimensions: 111.5 x 37.5 x 6.5cm

Requires some assembly.

For indoor use only

Made in Northern Ireland

Slide and 2 x clamps included 

There`s a wooden patch in my frame/slide/ladder, is this normal?
This is completely normal. Where there is a potentially unstable knot in the sheets to make the strong ply, instead of unsustainably wasting the wood, it is carefully patched up and doesn`t affect the safety, quality or use of the product. 


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