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SumBlox Building Blocks "Educational" Set



100 Blocks + 4 Lesson Books. 

A classroom set of SumBlox (100 blocks) plus 4 teaching manuals (Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions, Adding Fractions; 50+ pages each with illustrations).

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For what age are SumBlox best suited?

SumBlox are great for children and adults of all ages but are best suited, academically, for children ages 2-12.

What mathematical concepts can SumBlox teach?

Students can learn a wealth of information through play and hands-on exploration. These topics include:

Number Sense

  •       Number recognition
  •       One-to-one correspondence
  •       Compare numbers
  •       Subitizing
  •       Counting
  •       Cardinality
  •       Number sequence
  •       Hierarchical Inclusion
  •       Understanding our base-ten system
  •       Place value
  •       Measuring Lengths
  •       Reason abstractly and quantitatively
  •       Understand Equivalence
  •       Directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common
  •       Algebraic Thinking
  •       Describe measurable attributes of objects, such as length or weight
  •       Classify objects into given categories

Addition / Subtraction

  •       Solve Addition and Subtraction word problems using objects
  •       Compose and decompose numbers
  •       Find missing addends
  •       Skip counting

Multiplication / Division

  •       Define multiplication; emphasis on multiples
  •       Find factors of whole numbers and use commutative property of multiplication
  •       Classify whole numbers (greater than one) as prime or composite
  •       Draw conclusions about the factors of a whole number
  •       Use associative property of multiplication
  •       Use distributive property of multiplication

Fractions / Adding Fractions

  •       Define denominator of fractions
  •       Define numerator of fractions within halves, fourths, and eights
  •       Find equivalent fractions within thirds, sixths, ninths, and twelfths
  •       Compare two fractions using inequality symbols
  •       Compare and order three fractions using compound inequalities
  •       Find the value of a fraction of a whole number
  •       Find the fraction, or part, a given value is of a whole value
  •       Add two fractions with the same denominator to get a sum up to one whole and fully decompose a given fraction
  •       Add two fraction addends with the same denominator to get a sum greater than one whole
  •       Add multiple fraction addends to find sums greater than one whole and represent sums in improper form and mixed numbers
  •       Add two fraction addends with different denominators (only having to scale one of the addends)
  •       Add three fraction addends with different denominators (only having to scale two of the addends)
  •       Add two fractions addends with different denominators (having to scale all addends to find a common denominator)

What blocks are included?

  • One x 30
  • Two x 12
  • Three x 8
  • Four x 8
  • Five x 8
  • Six x 8
  • Seven x 8
  • Eight x 8
  • Nine x 8
  • Ten x 2
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    Chunky, solid, attractive and eduational

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    A truly beautiful set of number blocks. Had been used in an educational setting predominantly with early years children who have loved building with them as well as using them in adult directed tasks.

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    Amazing resourse

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    Lovely blocks. Nice and solid. Books are brilliant aswell really easy to use. I can see these being used for years

    0 1 2 3 4

    Great shopping experience

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    Great first time shopping experience. Fast shipping. Good quality product - can’t wait to play these with my LO. Well pleased.

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    Looking forward to using these when my LO turns two. They will be an investment purchase for my LO and for work.

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