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Spectra Wooden Swing - Full Colour - Yes Bébé Edition



PLEASE NOTE: We have a small amount of stock left with our old logo & to avoid unnecessary waste, you may receive a swing with one of those sides. Please contact us if this would be an issue though.

Spectra is a multifunctional toy, which stimulates the senses, awakens imagination, strengthens muscles and promotes the development of balance and of the art of magic. 

Made in Czech Republic

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Age Suitability 10 months +
Type Big Ticket

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A simple spell suddenly turns the swing into a bridge, a tunnel, a house, a seat, a climbing frame, a slide or a counter. The more imaginative the wizard, the more transformations it can undergo. Watch out, little magicians, the Spectra swing fits two of you. Thanks to its design, the Spectra can be an unobtrusive natural accessory, as well as a radiant element, which will cheer up your kid and your home alike.

This is a KIT, you will receive it unassembled pre drilled and with the hardware needed to assembly it. Box of size approx. 70x45x7cm.

Design: Petr Fiala

Made of: layered birchwood

Dimensions: 75x43x45 cm

Weigh: 6.5 kg

Capacity: 60 kg

Lifetime: until burning

Recommended age:  1 - 5 (approx) 

Certification: Utukutu Spectra is CE certified according Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. CE certification is done by: Technical and Testing Institute

Utukutu products are developed with an emphasis on the beauty of nature, simplicity and quality, influenced by the Montessori and Waldorf educational system as well as the natural approach to parenting.

Tips For Assembly:
- The dowels can easily be knocked in by a hammer or a heavy object and they are standard sized.
- The best way to do it is to lie the side down, then slot the wood in the one side.
- Then take the other side and line them up one wood slat at a time and push them in gently (you can use a rubber mallet or something soft), but don't push all the way in
- Then line up the next wood, and so on.
Don't try to push all slats in at the same time.
- Then when they are all lined up you can push them down firmly and add the screws.

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This is such a great product and has been used daily since we purchased this item.

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Grows with them!

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Bought for daughters first birthday. She was a little unsure to start but now enjoys rocking in it and also rocking her babies in it!

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Great versatile toy

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I absolutely love our spectra!
Got it for our boy at 18m. It's use has evolved with his age too. He climbs and uses it as a tunnel one way, he rocks, makes teddy beds and walks over it the other way, plays peekaboo and uses it as a car track on its side. And it forms part of mosy of our dens.
The only niggle was with my scientist family that the colours couldn't be altered in arrangement from the picture, and couldn't be placed in proper rainbow arrangement! Oh, and a fair bit of energy was needed to put it together - quite noisy with having to whack it in, best done more than just the quiet evening before you want to give it to the little! But worth every bit.

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Absolutely amazing

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I can't believe just how much love it gets here and how much are the children using it. Definitely one of the best purchases made.

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My son is 9 months old. We bought the Soectra as he had started pulling himself up and trying to climb. Within seconds of having it he had pulled himself up on it. It’s so sturdy! Then I put him in it and he figured out how to rock straight away. Brilliant quality and I think it’ll be loved for a long time ❤️

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