Spectra Wooden Swing - Full Colour - Yes Bébé Edition



Spectra is a multifunctional toy, which stimulates the senses, awakens imagination, strengthens muscles and promotes the development of balance and of the art of magic. 

Made in Czech Republic

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Age Suitability 10 months +

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A simple spell suddenly turns the swing into a bridge, a tunnel, a house, a seat, a climbing frame, a slide or a counter. The more imaginative the wizard, the more transformations it can undergo. Watch out, little magicians, the Spectra swing fits two of you. Thanks to its design, the Spectra can be an unobtrusive natural accessory, as well as a radiant element, which will cheer up your kid and your home alike.

This is a KIT, you will receive it unassembled pre drilled and with the hardware needed to assembly it. Box of size approx. 70x45x7cm.

Design: Petr Fiala

Made of: layered birchwood

Dimensions: 75x43x45 cm

Weigh: 6.5 kg

Capacity: 60 kg

Lifetime: until burning

Recommended age:  1 - 5 (approx) 

Certification: Utukutu Spectra is CE certified according Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. CE certification is done by: Technical and Testing Institute

Utukutu products are developed with an emphasis on the beauty of nature, simplicity and quality, influenced by the Montessori and Waldorf educational system as well as the natural approach to parenting.

Tips For Assembly:
- The dowels can easily be knocked in by a hammer or a heavy object and they are standard sized.
- The best way to do it is to lie the side down, then slot the wood in the one side.
- Then take the other side and line them up one wood slat at a time and push them in gently (you can use a rubber mallet or something soft), but don't push all the way in
- Then line up the next wood, and so on.
Don't try to push all slats in at the same time.
- Then when they are all lined up you can push them down firmly and add the screws.

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    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
    Quality: 0 1 2 3 4

    This is a brilliant open minded toy we have bought for our son's first birthday and it is excellent solid wood. It was easy to read the instructions and to put together and the colours are a fantastic vibrancy. Would definitely recommend this product.
    Only thing we found was the allen key provided sheered quite quickly with the bolts so had to use one of our own.

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    This is amazing!!

    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Bought for my little girl who is 18m and she absolutely loves it. I\'m so pleased I bought it, she sits and rocks in it herself, rocks her teddies in it, sits with her cousins and plays with them and turns it into a tunnel or a ramp too...very versatile and her cousins aged between 4 and 14 all love it too. Definitely wont regret it - it\'s been our favourite purchase to date and will last for ita stunning :-)

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    Definite must buy!

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    My daughter loves it, she plays with it every day. Shes 18m and swings in it herself happily, puts her teddies in it and swings them, rolls grimms balls in it...and when her cousins (5, 7, 10 and 14) visit they all play with it too. It genuinely has been the best purchase ever.

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    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    We were gifted this and my daughter absolutely adores it, I can see this lasting for a very long time as it is so versatile and I can use it too!

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    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    We chose the yes bebe edition as we preferred the colour and look of it. Well made and beautiful woodgrain that shows through. Purchased for 1st birthday but i can see will last us a long time. Gets used for a tunnel for climbing, swinging a seat a shop and lots more.

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