Mirus Toys


      Mirus Toys was set up by Suba. Suba lives in Vancouver, WA, a city in the northern banks of Columbia river with her husband and two children. Mirus Toys offers hand-crafted toys and learning materials, made in the USA. Designed by Suba, a Mum who also happens to be a computational biologist, these are heirloom-quality products that you will be proud to offer your students and children.

      When you choose Mirus Toys, you are selecting products that:

      • Encourage the child’s curiosity and creativity
      • Include for learners who are neurotypical and neurodiverse
      • Allow for hands-on, multi-sensory exploration and learning
      • Bring complex concepts into a hands-on toy that will engage your learner on many levels
      • Provide for control of error and self-correction
      • Emphasize the incredible learning process, not the result