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Be Yourself

When we started Yes Bebe, we were all just new parents with a social and environmental conscience. We wanted to make a difference.

We noticed that, while there were a few companies in the eco parenting field, the products they offered were either only available at luxury prices, restricted on brands or low-quality and inaccessible to the average parent. We wanted to change that. We wanted to bring quality to all budgets in all walks of life.

And that's how Yes Bebe was born

The world is not just a place where we buy and sell things. It’s also a place where we can make our dreams come true. We can build a better world for ourselves, our children and future generations.

We at Yes Bebe believe in building this better world together. We can do that by living the life we want to live, by standing up for what we believe in and by making the right choices every day.

We stand for respect for people and the environment.

We stand for empowering people and fairness, from our supply chain to the consumer to the world at large.

We stand for anti-racism.

We stand for environmentalism.

We stand for feminism.

We stand for social improvement.

We stand for sustainability.

We are anti-fast-fashion.

We stand for slow living.

We stand for empowering parents and children.

Be Yourself

Our fundamental principle. We are not trying to get you to fit a mould. You choose the mould and we'll bring you what you need.

Be Playful

We know it's been a while since you've played, but that's okay because now is a good time to start. Play is the best way to interact with your child and relax as an adult.

Be Creative

Creativity provides a positive outlet for children to express and process emotions. This can happen at any age. Rediscover your creative side with your kids

Be Slow

Take time to appreciate your life. Practice mindfulness and pass the calm down to your children.

Be Conscious

Care about the people and the environment in the world around you. Check out our curated selection of books to help.

Be Responsible

We will help you make great choices for yourselves and the environment to ensure your children's future remains beautiful.

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