Benno Pecher founded Regenbogenland  (means rainbow land in English) in 1980. His background in architecture and his love for wooden toys made him come up with the idea of Regenbogenland inspired by the teaching of Maria Montessori. They have been trying to transform colours and shapes into art and architecture to give blocks new shapes rather then the basic shapes such as cubes, spheres and prisms found in other building blocks. The elements are based on the dimensions of the Fröbel building blocks. Wooden blocks and toys help to lead children to be patient and creative.

With their concentration comes the magic of watching the children create a magical world around them. Their 
building materials playfully encourage this conceptual thinking and spatial imagination without making ready-made specifications. Coloured elements made of wood and acrylic glass give the imagination plenty of room for your own interpretations.

What is special about these games are the many hidden possibilities that arise with all rainbow games. They give the children space to let their creativity run free.

  • The combination of wood and glass (precious stones) is unique. 
  • The high-quality material is enthusiastically accepted by the children and does not lose its appeal even after years.
  • Even small children can play with it and develop their skills over time.
  • Older children quickly dare to tackle unusual building projects.

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