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Monthly Book Club

We all know how important reading with children is for their cognitive and emotional development, vocabulary and language skills and crucially their IMAGINATION! When we enjoy books WITH our children we bond, share experiences and create memories to treasure.

Studies show that the more books children have in the home, the more likely they are to love reading and feel confident. When we as parents and caregivers LOVE the books too it makes the reading of the same beloved books again and again and AGAIN……. not so bad!

We would love to introduce you to and invite you to be a member of Yes Bébé Book Club! Books you AND your children will both enjoy as much as each other while you make those magical memories together.


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  • Publisher of the Month

    Owlet press

    Inclusive indie, Owlet Press started out as a one-man company by founder Sam Langley-Swain. Sam's world changed when he became a dad, having never thought about publishing books he became inspired by his children and the new universe he was in creating his first story picture book. From there Owlet Press started and continue to publish picture books that showcased diversity, acceptance and empathy. Owlet Press nurtures and champions authors and illustrators from all walks of life and being LGBT run, diversity flows in their veins.

    The vibrant team of authors and illustrators from all backgrounds and communities, who share a dream to make the world a brighter and better place with inspiring and empowering stories.

    "To date, our books have shown young readers of colour, those from non-traditional families and readers with additional physical or emotional needs, joyful characters that are like them experiencing the magic of playful, imaginative stories; and for more privileged, white, non-disabled readers to see children that don’t always look like them in picture books too."

  • Book of the Month

    The Shortest Day 
    Written by Susan Cooper
    Illustrated by Carson Ellis 
    Book from Walker books 

    This wonderful book celebrates the Winter Solstice and the Yuletide through captivating poetry and beautiful illustrations. It shows the magic of the returning seasonal light, the connection we have with the generations before us and the hope for peace that we carry into the future. ‘The Shortest Day’ was written for the theatre and has been performed for winter solstice celebrations.

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    Book Bands are a system used by most schools in the UK, alongside other strategies such as phonics, to develop reading skills. Publishers produce reading schemes of books that are predominantly designed for schools. Some schools just use one reading scheme, while others may use a mixture of schemes from different publishers. Each publisher often uses a different scales to rate the reading difficulty level of their books, but for most you can compare these to the more common schemes. We have chosen to add books to this section of the site using the colour banding system alongside Oxford Reading Trees levels. The books you will find here are not generally from reading schemes that you will find in schools. On the site you will find a selection of phonically de-codeable books and brilliant picture books that can help bring pleasure and joy when learning to read. These books are not exact matches to the reading scheme books. However, for example, a child working within book band purple should find the books we've selected in the purple section a good level of challenge.
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    Mindfulness, identity and feelings are all tricky topics. A collection of books exploring wellbeing.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 6129 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 6129 items