Ocamora 'Teniques' Stacking Game



The 'teniques' are based on the Japanese game "tumi ishi", an ancient Japanese rock piling game, meant for people of all ages that trains your sense of balance and creativity.

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12 pieces supplied

We don't want to surprise you. The toys are made from wood and wood is organic. Just as each tree is unique, so is each piece. What makes the wood interesting is the "flaws" it contains. For this reason, wood is not discarded for characteristics, and the flaws do not effect the structural integrity of the pieces. We hope you love the wood as much as we do.

Ocamora are Gregorio and Laura, together who have a workshop of design and manufacture handmade wooden toys. They use wood from sustainable forests, and the paints and oils they apply are ecological and vegetable-based, so their toys are 100% chemical and toxic free. 

Ocamora toys have no instructions, they are designed to let the imagination run wild ... They allow the smaller, not so small, to explore, play and learn, in a natural way. To discover the touch or the smell of the wood, the sensations that contribute the natural elements, should be an option within reach of all boys and girls.

Each piece is cut, sanded and treated with much affection and enthusiasm, in a cottage on the outskirts of Cordoba (Andalusia), in a workshop surrounded by nature, orchards, bird song and children's laughter.

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    These are just lovely. Gorgeous colours - very vibrant. A great open-ended resource.

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    Ocamora \'Teniques\' Stacking Game

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    These are lovely. Great colours and texture. They provide a good stacking challenge for all age groups. Also great for imaginative play. A worthwhile investment!

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    These are great. Lovely colours, beautifully finished. My three year old can do small stacks- but hard enough to stack them all to be a real challenge for an adult so we both enjoy them! Can’t wait to get some trees!

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    We absolutely love well made and amazing texture to the wood. Really pretty..though we havent managed to stack them all yet

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    Absolutely beautiful

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    The Ocamora Teniques are absolutely beautiful with their vibrant colours and multiple sides that provide different levels of difficulty for stacking.

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