Beyonce (Knowles-Carter) - Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl & Tammy Taylor
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First Names: Beyonce (Knowles-Carter)


By (author) Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl , Illustrated by Tammy Taylor
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True life stories of the most amazing people EVER! Get to know Beyonce on First Name terms.

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Dimensions: 19.8 x 12.9 x 1.2 cm

Book Type: Paperback / softback

Pages: 160

Publishing Date: 20201001

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Meet BEYONCE Knowles-Carter, the mega-talented singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and movie star, whose music has thrilled millions around the world, smashed records and won her award after award. Find out: - Why she used to think she looked like Dumbo the elephant, - How she turned an insult into a best-selling single, - And why she threw a $250,000 pair of earrings into the audience! Get to know BEYONCE on First Name terms.

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