Make And Play: Groovicorns Palace
Make And Play: Groovicorns Palace
Make And Play: Groovicorns Palace
Make and Play: Groovicorns Palace-Books-Make Believe Ideas-Yes Bebe
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Make and Play: Groovicorns Palace


Illustrated by Stuart Lynch
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Move over, unicorns – the groovicorns are back in this amazing model activity book! Build the groovicorn palace and funky characters to play with. Then, work your way through the fun activities as a you get to know the groovicorns!

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Age Suitability: 3 years +

Dimensions: 28.6 x 23 x 2.5 cm

Book Type: Spiral bound

Pages: 34

Publishing Date: 20180801

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With bold illustrations and clear instructions, this awesome book encourages children to act out the story by placing the palace and characters on the pages as they go.

  • Featuring MBI’s popular groovicorn characters!
  • This model activity book comes with foam press-outs and over 100 stickers to create your own groovicorn palace and characters.
  • The activity book includes instructions, stories, colouring, sticking and puzzle activities to complete.
Dimensions 25 × 230 × 286 mm
Product Type
Wirobound Book
Age Range
Product Categories
Colouring and Activity
Stuart Lynch
Number of Pages
34 Pages
Make and Play
Date Published
Extra Information

inc. 8 pp foam press-outs and 2 pp stickers

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