Shark Feels Shy (The Emotion Ocean) - Katie Woolley & David Arumi
Shark Feels Shy (The Emotion Ocean) - Katie Woolley & David Arumi
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The Emotion Ocean: Shark Feels Shy


By (author) Katie Woolley , Illustrated by David Arumi
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Picture books that help children discuss feelings and build positive relationships

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Age Suitability: 3 years +

Dimensions: 20.8 x 18.6 x 1 cm

Book Type: Paperback / softback

Pages: 32

Publishing Date: 20211014

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Shark Feels Shy is a picture book that helps young children discuss their feelings and build positive relationships. It offers a gentle introduction to the emotion of shyness and offers some ways in which to deal with it. In the story, Shark wants to participate in his class's 'Show and Tell' but he feels too shy to come forward. Luckily his teacher has a good idea to help him build confidence.

The Emotion Ocean series of picture books for children aged 4 plus are a great way to promote discussion of feelings and emotions, help build positive relationships and boost self-esteem and good behaviour. The series supports the Personal, Social and Emotional Development Area of Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and the RSE curriculum 2020. It is also suitable for use with children in KS1 and can be used to discuss virtues and values. The stories are accompanied by fun and humourous illustrations which really engage young children.

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