Teeny Weeny Genie - Julia Donaldson & Anna Currey
Teeny Weeny Genie - Julia Donaldson & Anna Currey
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The Teeny Weeny Genie


By (author) Julia Donaldson , Illustrated by Anna Currey
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A magical story of wish-fulfilment and an increasingly noisy farmyard

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Age Suitability: 2 years +

Dimensions: 28.7 x 23.3 x 1.3 cm

Book Type: Hardback

Pages: 32

Publishing Date: 20200806

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A brilliantly entertaining 'be-careful-what-you-wish-for' tale that's full of farmyard fun – from the bestselling Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Anna Currey in her charming, classic style.

Old Macdonald is cleaning out his farmhouse kitchen when he comes across a dusty old teapot. And no one could be more surprised when a wish-granting genie pops out of the spout. Old Macdonald wishes for a wife, who wishes for a baby. A baby who wishes for a dog, who wishes for a cat, who wishes for some mice! It doesn't take long before the farmyard starts getting very busy, and VERY noisy! Will the genie ever get a break from granting wishes, and find some peace? If only there was someone who could grant him a wish . . .

The Teeny Weeny Genie is a magical picture book adventure packed with lots of favourite farmyard animals from Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey, creators of Rosie's Hat and One Ted Falls Out of Bed.

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