The Cure For A Crime (A Double Detectives Medical Mystery) - Roopa Farooki
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A Double Detectives Medical Mystery: The Cure for a Crime


By (author) Roopa Farooki
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When Ali and Tulip's mum becomes unnaturally sleepy and forgetful, the twins become suspicious of her new boyfriend. Luckily they've picked up lots of medical knowledge from their mum, who works at the local hospital, so they are totally on the case to solve this medical mystery!

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Dimensions: 19.8 x 12.7 x 1.8 cm

Book Type: Paperback / softback

Pages: 256

Publishing Date: 20200102

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Twins Ali and Tulip have grown up with a surgeon mother and so have picked up lots of knowledge of first aid, medicine, and the ways of the hospital-they even know where the secret biscuit drawer in A&E is. When their mother becomes unnaturally sleepy and forgetful, they become suspicious of her new boyfriend. With help-and a watchful eye-from their mysterious wheelchair-bound gran, they set out to crack the mystery. Will they succeed? They'll need a combination of fast talking, quick thinking, rule breaking, medical investigation, and determination-plus a good dash of 'that spooky twin thing'-to cure this crime. A fun fresh take on the detective genre, full of excitement, humour, and medical know-how!

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