The Insects That Run Our World: The Pollinators - Sarah Ridley
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The Insects that Run Our World: The Pollinators


By (author) Sarah Ridley
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A series for young children that explains the vital importance of insects to our world

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Age Suitability: 6 years +

Dimensions: 25 x 24.6 x 0.8 cm

Book Type: Hardback

Pages: 24

Publishing Date: 20210128

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Perfect for young children studying living things and their habitats in their science lessons, or for young minibeast fans, this book explores the importance of pollinating insects. Pollinating insects allow countless wild and cultivated plants to make fruit and seeds. Bees, of course, are featured, but also wasps, the tiny flies that pollinate the cacao tree flowers, hoverflies, beetles, butterflies and more. Alongside the simple text, fantastic close-up photographs show the insects at work.

The book is part of a series, The Insects that Run Our World, for children aged 6 plus. The titles are: The Pollinators, The Decomposers, The Predators and the Prey and The Helpers and the Pests.The books include information about how insects are threatened by habitat changes and pollution and how we can help them.

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