Eco Baby Where Are You Tiger?: A Plastic-Free Touch And Feel Book
Eco Baby Where Are You Tiger?: A Plastic-Free Touch And Feel Book
Eco Baby Where Are You Tiger?: A Plastic-Free Touch And Feel Book
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Eco Baby Where Are You Tiger?: A Plastic-free Touch and Feel Book

By (author) DK


By (author) DK
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This touch and feel book doesn't contain any plastic. It is made with responsibly-sourced cardboard that little hands will love to touch. Everything in the book is completely recyclable.

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Age Suitability: 18 months +

Dimensions: 20.2 x 20.2 x 1.6 cm

Book Type: Board book

Pages: 14

Publishing Date: 20200903

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Search the tropical jungle for Tiger in this plastic-free touch and feel book. You'll discover beautiful endangered animals along the way!

Welcome to the jungle! Let your little explorer take a journey through the hot and steamy forest to track down the rarely sighted Tiger. Say hello to elephants, rhinos and orangutans in their natural habitat. But where could Tiger be?

Is Tiger by the river? No, that's Elephant. Can you hear squawking coming from the treetops? Tigers don't squawk, that's Parrot. Only on the last page, will Tiger reveal himself. Your toddler will love meeting all of Tiger's friends in this imaginative educational book.

Natural cardboard pages with colourful illustrations, fun corrugated elements, and cut out sections encourage little fingers to explore. Your toddler will learn how to recognise the names and describe all the incredible animals they see in the jungle.

Treasure story time with your little one! The simple text is ideal for reading aloud to little ones as you spot endangered animals in their natural habitat together.. There are lots of opportunities for parent-and-child interaction and hours of wild, jungle fun!

Plastic-Free Touch and Feel

This board book is designed to enhance your child's reading experience, while also protecting the environment. Unlike other touch and feel books, Where Are You Tiger? doesn't contain any plastic. Made from responsibly sourced cardboard, everything in this book is completely recyclable.

Complete the Series

There are more plastic-free touch and feel picture books to discover in this series from DK Books. Journey through the icy Arctic looking for the Polar Bear in Where Are You Polar Bear?Each book takes you on a journey through a different landscape in search of an animal at risk of extinction.

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