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Classes 1-5 Teacher's Source Book For Mathematics - Jamie York


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Experienced maths teacher and consultant Jamie York believes that a love of learning comes through the teacher, so his books are committed to supporting teachers in developing their classroom skills and to fostering a love of maths in their students.

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Age Suitability: 6 years +


Book Type: Paperback


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Unlike conventional maths textbooks, his books are not full of fancy graphics and contrived ways to make maths fun. Rather, they: -- focus on the essentials, so teachers aren't overwhelmed by endless lists of required material -- are genuinely interesting and challenging, sparking students' enthusiasm for learning maths -- are developmentally appropriate to the age of the child, thereby encouraging inner mathemetical awareness and thinking -- favour depth over superficiality, to avoid teaching blind procedures to solve meaningless problems This teachers' resource book for Classes 1 to 5 provides a direct and logical approach to teaching 6 to 11-year-olds maths. Each class level and topic provides numerous tried and tested examples and explanations. The book includes: Class 1: Roman numerals, quality of numbers, counting, number dictations, developing a sense of number, beginning calculations and more. Class 2: estimating, place value, addition and subtraction facts, times/division tables, four arithmetic processes, time orientation, wonder of numbers and more. Class 3: numbers up to 1000, arithmetic facts, vertical addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, working horizontally, measurement and more. Class 4: greatest common factors, least common multiples, challenging multiplication facts, two- and three-digit multipliers, measurement, fractions and more. Class 5: arithmetic with fractions, decimal fractions, measurement, geometry, wonder of numbers, review and consolidation of Classes 1-4 and more.

  • Paperback:¬†128 pages
  • Publisher:¬†Floris Books (17 Aug. 2017)
  • Language:¬†English
  • ISBN-10:¬†1782504303
  • ISBN-13:¬†978-1782504306
  • Product Dimensions:¬†24 x 1.3 x 21 cm

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