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Little Rabbit's Big Surprise


By (author) Swapna Haddow , Illustrated by Alison Friend
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Little Rabbit is bored – everyone else is too busy to play. Her grandfather, Big Rabbit, suggests she helps him out for the day – he has lots of jobs to do. Little Rabbit is unsure what her grandfather does, but together they visit their woodland neighbours, and Little Rabbit realizes that the smallest of gestures can make a big difference.

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Age Suitability: 5 years +

Dimensions: 20.4 x 13.7 x 0 cm

Book Type: Hardback

Pages: 96

Publishing Date: 20190207

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Little Rabbit is bored. Her brothers and sisters are busy with chores and her friends are out collecting worms. Her grandfather, Big Rabbit, offers to make her his assistant for the day – he’s got lots of work she can help him with. Little Rabbit laughs; her grandfather doesn’t have a job – he spends all day with his friends. “Why don’t you come with me and see?” replies Big Rabbit.
First they visit Mole, who has a problem with his dark tunnels, before hopping over to visit Granny Hedgehog, who’s suffering with a rather nasty cold. As they’re leaving they meet Dormouse who’s struggling to keep his babies happy while he forages for twigs for their nest. The last stop is Squirrel’s den, but the usually acrobatic Squirrel has sprained her paw. After helping her, they head home – what a busy day! In the morning Little Rabbit wakes to find her grandfather has left her a list of things to collect. Little Rabbit’s excited, certain that the things are for making a kite, but she’s in for a big surprise…
A heartwarming story about helping others and spreading kindness.

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