Powered By Plants: Meet The Trees, Flowers And Vegetation That Inspire Our Everyday Technology
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Powered by Plants: Meet the trees, flowers and vegetation that inspire our everyday technology


By (author) Clive Gifford , Illustrated by Gosia Herba
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Powered by Plants explores the world of plants and how their properties are increasingly helping to shape the cutting edge of human technology and design.

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Dimensions: 27.6 x 23.5 x 0 cm

Book Type: Hardback

Pages: 80

Publishing Date: 20220802


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Following on from the incredible Invented by Animals and Built by Animals, Powered by Plants introduces us to the wondrous plants whose ingenious features have inspired innovations in human technology.

Plants exhibit an incredible range of diversity in their shape, structures and how they interact with other living things and their environment. Some of this great diversity is being increasingly studied and copied, inspiring innovation in science, design, engineering and technology.
This book guides readers through a startling collection of fascinating vegetation, from towering cottonwood trees with wind power potential to slippery, meat-eating assassins of the plant world and the fast-growing aquatic plant which helps propel ships farther using less energy. Learn surprising applications and spin-offs of both exotic species including the world’s largest flower that generates its own heat and more familiar plants such as bamboo, coconut and maize, all depicted in colourful, engaging fashion. 

Colourful and lively illustrations and pop-out fact boxes bring the science in this book to life, and Powered by Plants shows us how much we can learn from studyin the myriad magnificence of the natural world.

Other fascinating books in this series are Built by Animals and Invented by Animals.

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