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What's So Special About Triceratops?

By (author) Nicky Dee


By (author) Nicky Dee
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Triceratops (try-SAIR-uh-TOPS) has one of the largest skulls of any land animal that has ever lived. The largest was over 2.5 m long so Triceratops would need three doors side-by-side to walk through! Discover how fast Triceratops could move with the Speed - o - Meter, how terrifying it was on the Scary Scale, and which of today's animals it most resembles, in this fully illustrated book.

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Age Suitability: 5 years +

Dimensions: 20.3 x 20.3 x 0 cm

Book Type: Paperback / softback

Pages: 32

Publishing Date: 20160917

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Like every book in this non-fiction series,What's so Special about Triceratops?is packed with fully palaeontologist-approved facts and stats that will give you all the dinosaur information that you could possibly want:

  • Setting the Scene explains how the age of the dinosaurs, the Mesozoic Era, was divided up and when Triceratops lived
  • The Hometown section discusses Triceratops fossils, where they were first discovered and by whom
  • Head straight to the Vital Statistics page to find out about Triceratops size and how it compares to objects and things from your life today
  • Dedicated pages where you'll learn all about the teeth, diet, speed, scariness and habitat of Triceratops
  • And munch, munch more!
On top of all of that (and for the cheats out there!), at the back of the book you'll find 'The Best Bits!' which pulls together all of the key knowledge you'll need to convince your friends, parents and teachers that you are a bone-a-fide dinosaur expert!

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